Missing videos & scrolling through media

I’ve started using MarsEdit again, which is great, and going through and adding tags to old posts. I’m discovering a bunch of old posts that should have videos attached but they seem to be missing. My first thought was to go to my media archive and see if they’re in there, but I have to page backward, which is incredibly time consuming if the video was, say, 18 months ago. Is there a faster way to find the videos? Or find old media in my media archive? Being able to walk back only one page at a time is taking a reeaaaalllly long time.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Best to ask @Miraz or its creator, @danielpunkass

Hmm, I specified the blog and then Files and entered .m in the search box. It found some videos. I don’t post many so have no idea if it found all.

@Miraz @pratik Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that MarsEdit was the issue, I shouldn’t have included that detail (it just confused things). I meant that when I go to micro.blog/account/uploads/ to check and see if I have that video there somewhere, that I can’t move through time quickly, you’re just stuck going from one page to the next. How do I figure out if a missing video actually exists on my micro.blog account?

Surely you can still use MarsEdit. That should help reveal the files… Otherwise you need to ask @Manton for help… :grinning:

I think we need a search field in the Uploads section to quickly filter by URL path. Would that help? I’ll work on adding that soon.

In case it wasn’t obvious, on the web there’s also the popcorn tab that will only show videos, which should help limit the media you have to page through.

Also, if you can’t find an upload that should’ve been there, please email help. I can double-check if the video was actually uploaded to our storage and was somehow missing from the web interface, and if so restore it. That is concerning to me if an upload is missing.