Missing timeline content

I follow the same accounts with micro.blog account as I do with my mastodon account, but my timelines are totally different. I’m guessing there is a setting I’m missing or is this just a bit of the difference between Mastodon and micro.blog that some accounts will not show up? I know that the focus here is on creating content, which is great! I’m just curious if there’s something that I should tweak in my settings to see more from micro timeline. Thanks!

There’s a lot of reasons this can happen-- are you talking about following the same mastodon accounts with Micro.blog as you are within Mastodon? If so, number one culprit I’d bet is Micro.blog not showing boosts.

Ah! That explains a lot. I follow a number of a.gup.pe accounts and a number of hashtags. I knew the hashtags changed what I’d see in my timeline. I didn’t realize that micro.blog didn’t show boosts. That means none of the a.gup.pe posts show up.

So, adding to this, @sportsbot.xyz accounts haven’t been showing up in my feed. I unfollowed and refollowed them. But they still don’t show.

A handful of other mastodon accounts I follow aren’t popping either, so weird

That domain does not exist.

Missed an “s”

@nhl@sportsbots.xyz (for example)

Unfollowing and re-following apparently is the key. @nhl@sportsbots.xyz is showing again.

So… weird

Is there a way to mass unfollow? If so, I may do that and then re-import all my follows. If not, I will just keep unfollowing/re-following accounts as I notice them.