Missing Post from Mastodon

I am noticing a Mastodon post that I believe should have appeared in my timeline but did not. Specifically this post:

It is not visible in my timeline, and it is not visible at:


I noticed this as well! It just started happening for me as well :frowning:

Yeah, I also have a feeling I’m just seeing a fraction of the posts from Mastodon. Here’s @eevee, whom I started following on Micro.blog this summer. Her latest update, according to Micro.blog is from August 13, but on the original instance, the latest post is from yesterday.

Are you okay with sharing an example as well, @BinaryDigit? Maybe we can start seeing patterns for the posts and users that won’t show on Micro.blog.

Certainly. Here is my post on micro.blog blog @BinaryDigit - B's Blog

and my Mastodon instance is BoonaryDigit 👻 (@BinaryDigit@mstdn.games) - Mastodon Games that doesn’t show that test post.

Aha, thanks, but that’s the opposite problem, right? Cross-posting to Mastodon. I think @johnbrayton (and my) problem is that posts from Mastodon-people we follow won’t show up in our Micro.blog timelines.

Your trouble is frustrating as well, of course! :blush: Does cross-posting never work for you, or are there just some posts that won’t work?

I had the same problem unfortunately, to the point I deleted my Mastodon follows as I wasn’t seeing the posts.

If you still remember some of the people you followed that still don’t show up on Micro.blog, it would be great to have more examples. Hopefully, there are patterns between non-working accounts. Maybe they are from the same instance, for example.

I’m afraid I don’t recall which ones were problematic, as I removed them quite some time ago. I did an export of the accounts I followed prior, so I’ll see if I’ve still got the file and scan the list if I do—maybe my memory would be jogged.

Oh shoot, I misunderstood then! Also oddly enough it started working again tonight. For a few days it wasn’t working at all (from micro.blog to Mastodon). Maybe removing and re-added fixed my issue. I hope yours gets sorted!

Quickly weighing in that I am having a similar issue with some posts not appearing on Mastodon. My most recent post shows in my micro.blog timeline but not to followers on mastodon.social, from what I have heard.

I believe this might be an issue from our server problem yesterday where recent follows were temporarily reset. I’m restoring them now so I think everything should start working again. In other words, during the period where we had this problem, Micro.blog didn’t know to notify Mastodon of posts for anyone on Mastodon who had recently followed you (in the last week or so).

Please let me know if things don’t look correct after today. I expect it will take a few more hours to finish getting everything back to normal.

Thanks for the quick response! Really appreciate the transparency.