Migrate away from micro.blog

If I were to host a blog here and then later choose to leave, say to host the blog on my own website, how could I redirect traffic to my blog here to the website?

As a solution I wondered if it where possible to do a 302 redirect in the blog posts themselves using Hugo or if it where possible to define 301 redirects at the server level.

Do you mean change your domain or change your blog? There are a bunch of methods, but my strongest recommendation is “don’t worry about it” and you can achieve that by having your own domain. Then you can change hosts and your URLs do not need to change. If they do, your new host can do the redirect translation from your old URLs to new, but I’d probably just maintain the /yyyy/mm/dd/slug.html link style myself on the new system.

If I start out using a custom domain then I understand how what you suggested would work.

What if I did not use a custom domain? Would there be a way to redirect to my website which is using my domain?

For example, say I started blogging here for a couple of years and had no website. Things change and now I want my own website including my blog. Would there be a way to redirect requests to the domain like username.micro.blog to my own web site like www.example.com/blog/yyyy/mm/dd/slug.html?

I think this will work if you first convert your blog to your own domain on Micro.blog. That will do the redirects for you. I suspect if you then move away from micro.blog, those redirects will persist – but that’s a question for @manton.

Using your own domain name is definitely the best approach because then the URLs can all move by updating the DNS settings. If you use username.micro.blog instead, there are a couple options:

  • If you have your own domain name before you migrate, set that in Micro.blog and it will automatically redirect username.micro.blog to your domain name. Then when the domain name moves, the redirect will remain in place even though Micro.blog isn’t hosting your blog anymore.
  • If you never use your own domain name with Micro.blog, email help when you’re ready to migrate and we can manually set up a redirect. There really should be an interface for this so that it’s easier, so I’ll revisit that.

Thanks for confirming! I was pretty sure this was true.

If you never use your own domain name with Micro.blog, email help when you’re ready to migrate and we can manually set up a redirect.

Would those be 301 redirects? Which subscription level would be required to maintain those redirects?

They are 302 redirects right now. Possibly 301 would be more appropriate, but I’m not totally sure.

No special subscription is needed for any of this. As long as you have ever had a paid hosting plan, even after you cancel we can host your blog indefinitely, including the redirects.

On June 20th I sent a request for redirects to the help email using my work email but have not heard back. I followed up again on July 11th. Is there anything else I need to do?

Sorry I missed this. I’ll find it and reply today. Thanks!

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@manton I hope you are doing well! I am following up with the redirect requests I submitted some time ago. I sent a few emails asking about it but have not gotten a response so I am writing here. Is still on your radar?

Not sure what happened with this… I’m looking for the email and will follow up again if I missed it.