Microblog Expired Error

Hi there. I have a Micro.blog Premium subscription and today I signed up for another blog (Regular subscription). But then I started getting the following error:

Your hosted microblog has expired. Please upgrade to continue posting to your site. Thanks for supporting Micro.blog!

I’ve used Apple Pay for the payment information, if that’s relevant.


Did the error message go away? It looks like everything is correct with your subscription and it’s good into 2024. Wonder if there was a delay after the upgrade before it synced up.

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Hi @manton, it’s all good now! Apparently it was still processing the payment information. At some point I got the e-mail with the receipt and when I checked again it was all good. Thanks!

hey, @manton - i’m also getting the same error after paying for a subscription using apple pay earlier today. any ideas?

I followed up on this via email. Should be all good now.