Micro Monday

The idea was inspired by Follow Friday, the Twitter convention, but we wanted to distinguish ourselves from Twitter, and Monday was a day that started with an M. :blush:

We also encourage people to think a bit differently, and rather than recommending a long list of user names (which can be overwhelming to sort through), we strongly suggest that a Micro Monday post consist of one recommendation plus a short description of why they are being recommended.

(Check out community member @smokey’s Micro Monday recommendations archive for examples.)

There is an automated Micro Monday feed, that includes all the posts with the phrase “Micro Monday.” Micro Monday recommendations are added to the Discover timeline as well. You even get a special Micro Monday pin on your account page when you post a recommendation and mention Micro Monday.

Inspired by the recommendations, we launched the Micro Monday podcast. Each episode features a member of the Micro.blog community. Another popular community feature, the podcast gives a voice to the people behind the blogs.

There is also a Micro Monday newsletter to complement the podcast and provide updates and selections of some of the posts that caught our attention. This newsletter is emailed to Micro.blog customers, and can also be followed at @monday.