Micro.blog to Day One

I thought I was going to be able to automate getting my Micro.blog posts into Day One via IFTTT’s RSS import function but it turns out that it doesn’t seem to work with json RSS feeds, only XML and atom feeds. Is there a way to get my MB feed in either one of those formats? If I use the Day One export feature in the macOS Micro.blog app, how do I prevent reimporting stuff that I have already imported before?

I don’t have an answer for you but I’m curious on why you don’t want to use the XML RSS feed.

I do want to use the XML feed! Where is it? I can only find a json feed for MB.

XML feeds are definitely available - see here

I use IFTTT and my Micro.blog feed https://thedimpau.se/feed.xml to import my posts into Day One and it works very well!

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Thank you very much!

BTW let me know if you have any lucky importing all images to DayOne when the post has multiple? I’ve only managed to import the first one.

I will be curious if you have luck with multiple images as well as I know that didn’t work well a while back. Also, have you successfully done an export from M.b. to DayOne lately? I tried last week but it seems like nothing happened after it “exported” from the M.b. app.

I did an import of several hundred Micro.blog posts to Day One last night without any hiccups, although I did not have any multi-photo posts to test for Pratik.