Micro.blog site looks weird

When I visit micro.blog, the site looks very strange. I think something is not working quite right.

Logging out shows a similar weirdness.

Maybe the CDN is misbehaving so no JS is loading?

Seems like it!

I’m having the same exact issue as this. Logged out and back in, same. Tried different browser, same. It’s like the HTML loads but the CSS does not. Also, books from bookshelves seem broken.

Apparently an expired CDN certificate. More server-based fun for Manton…

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@simonwoods Thanks, good to know. Patience, then, eh?

Yep! These are the Fail Whale times, although not very often compared to a few years ago. Certainly the Mastodon boom has had all kinds of unexpected ripple effects.

Indeed. Still, I’m impressed with the service and am cheering for it. Glad to be here.

Same here. It’s re-taught me some of the lessons from my earliest days on the web. I’m much calmer, and more likely to consider my words than when I first joined.

It’s up:)

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Up for me too. Weee!