Micro.blog not updating

I posted earlier today and after 3h nothing has shown up on my blog or in the timeline. And it looks like the timeline hasn’t been updated in 6h (7.40 something my time, it’s 13:25 now).

Is it just me or …

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Same for me.
Also, I can’t even update my website.
The “publish last changes to your blog” progress bar is on loop

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“Happy” to know I’m not alone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Same for me! They show up that they’ve been created under “posts”. But are not posting. Nor are they cross-posting.

Replying shows up.

@manton @jsonbecker

Whew, I should have checked here first before deleting my last published blog entries and then rebuilding my blogs.

Saved updates to published Notes are also not publishing. Though you can see the saved content in Strata and on the back end.

I am guessing this is system-wide. I am not seei my any users from Micro in my timeline.

Same here.

My posts seem to publishing to my timeline. But none of the cross-posting is working.

Everything should be working again. Sorry, there was a major server failure overnight that prevented publishing, timeline, and feed updates, although no data was lost… Anything posted should have updated earlier today.

Let me know if you anyone is still seeing any problems!

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I appear to be up and running just fine now! Thanks @manton! That had to be ridiculously stressful.