Micro.blog no longer works with quotes in titles

I saw someone posting about this in the timeline the other day, and I assumed that there may be something wrong with their blog content. But now I’m starting to see intermittent issues where my blog will fail to build because of some post, often quite old (in this case 2023-02-25 12:35:59: Error: Error building site: "/jsonbecker_b541ec/content/2013/11/18/more-evidence-for.md:2:1": failed to unmarshal YAML: yaml: line 1: did not find expected key) on a front matter issue. I have viewed this post in MarsEdit and on the web and everything looks good.

My clue that this is something similar is that the past person mentioned that " in the title appeared related to the issue, and sure enough, my blog post is titled, More evidence for "mere facts". I have tried changing this to More evidence for ”mere facts” to get things built, but this does appear to be a regression.

I’ve now edited at least three blog post titles and am just watching the blog to find the latest failure to slowly adjust to using in place of ".

ohhh, that’s why I have a very old post (2019) failing now!

Sorry, this was a bug from a few days ago but it should be fixed. Unfortunately if there are still some Markdown files cached in Micro.blog, the problem may persist for a little longer. I’ve reset it for both your accounts, and using the Account → View logs → Rebuild button will probably also fix it.

If this pops up again, let me know!