Micro.blog is showing my full name on mastodon even after changing it here

I have just spent the last few days getting set up here. When I made my account, I didn’t realize it would show my last name publicly. As soon as I realized, I changed my last name in the settings. This was a couple days ago. But if I look up my @micro.blog identifier on mastodon, it is still populating my full name. I’ve emailed help, but haven’t received an answer (probably just haven’t allowed them enough time yet). But I wanted to post here as well to see if anyone has solutions because I am very uncomfortably with the fact that I can’t control the version of my name publicly available

Mastodon servers often cache values they don’t expect to change much. That’s why it can take some time for profile images or names to change. Manton may be able to do some kind of force push, but it’s up to the receiving server to respect the value change.

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Okay, thank you for explaining. I feel better knowing it will eventually populate :slight_smile:

Is there any way to know how long it might take for them to refresh the data? Is it really normal for it to take days?

It can take a very long time. You might even want to contact the person who runs the instance. I’ve seen people do things like change their avatar and it take a month or more.