Micro.blog icons

If you want to link to Micro.blog from your own blog, you can use our SVG file version of the Micro.blog icon. Feel free to copy the icon to your own site, or reference it from the Micro.blog help site.

The SVG file is available here.

Here’s an example of using the SVG in an img tag:

<a href="https://micro.blog/your-username">
  <img src="/assets/images/icons/web/icon.svg" alt="Follow me on Micro.blog" width="24" height="24">

If you’d like to color the icon, use an svg tag with a fill property. The entire SVG contents are included. The following example will display an orange Micro.blog icon:

<a href="https://micro.blog/your-username">
  <svg style="width: 24px; height: 24px; fill: #FD9927;" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" viewBox="0 0 482.79 486.16">
    <path class="cls-1" d="M495.79,372.06c32-37.64,51.11-85,51.11-136.5C546.9,113,438.82,13.72,305.5,13.72S64.1,113,64.1,235.56,172.18,457.4,305.5,457.4a259.65,259.65,0,0,0,86.2-14.58,7.78,7.78,0,0,1,8.81,2.77c20.17,27.23,51.67,46.38,86.7,54.17a4.79,4.79,0,0,0,4.74-7.65,94.37,94.37,0,0,1,4-120.11ZM420,209.48l-62.17,47.19,22.56,74.72a7.06,7.06,0,0,1-10.79,7.84L305.5,294.68l-64.09,44.55a7.06,7.06,0,0,1-10.79-7.84l22.56-74.72L191,209.48a7.06,7.06,0,0,1,4.12-12.68l78-1.63,25.67-73.71a7.06,7.06,0,0,1,13.33,0l25.67,73.71,78,1.63A7.06,7.06,0,0,1,420,209.48Z" transform="translate(-64.1 -13.72)" />

Hey @manton, getting a 404 on the .svg

Thanks, this broke when we moved the help site to Discourse. Let’s switch to using this URL now:


I’ll update the original post.