Micro.blog Feature Requests

Heh. Yes, I don’t want to dictate that replies should be short or some arbitrary limit, but replies of several paras really throw out the Timeline.

It’s more like the Timeline is a viewport into blogs — it’s a quick glance, and if there’s too much to absorb in one glance then it’s time to stop and investigate.

Could it be possible to truncate on the timeline itself? So not turn it into a blog post with a separate link, but just add a button that shows the entire text right there?

I’m the one who started the thread @pratik mentioned above. I find the 300 limit very annoying, so would hate for it to be as harsh to replies as well. :confused:

Like, the reply you showed there must’ve had several thousand characters. Let’s not use that as a reason to enforce 300, please.

I don’t want to stop people replying as they see fit. What I want is to be able to scroll through a timeline that doesn’t show the entirety of such long replies by default. Ditto for posts with lots of photos. My later thought was to enable a disclosure triangle. That or a More Button would meet my wishes just fine.


Yes - and that I completely agree with. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry if that was unclear!

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