Micro.blog Feature Requests

Care to elaborate?

I just think that @MitchWagner is right in his assumption that Micro.blog won’t support Threads until it gets an official API, based on Manton’s statement quoted above.

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Feature: start a new post from the Bookmarks in addition to the currently offered feature in Highlights page?

Clarification: Or should posts include at least one blockquote from a bookmark first to create a post?

I think you’re right that there should be a button to create a new post for a bookmark even if there is no quoted text or highlight. Similar to the share sheet on iOS when sharing from a Safari page.

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I don’t remember seeing that comment from Manton—just a couple of days ago, apparently. I must have picked up the vibe.


Feature: Receive notifications by email.

Feature: Post summary appears in timeline
Description: Some kind of a preference setting so that I can choose whether title+summary+link or just title+link (current behavior) appears in the timeline for longer posts.


I suppose summary+link (no title) might be an option, too.

+1 for this request.

Feature: Excerpts

Description: I’d like longer posts to include an excerpt along with the title and URL when shortened. Perhaps by including the first paragraph, using an extract separator like Jekyll or an extract field like Wordpress.

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Feature: More granular cross-posting controls

  • Option to post to Medium as a Draft (this is a really big one for me).
  • Clearer controls regarding which services to include hashtags with.
  • Way to have images from the post picked up and used as the header image in cross-posted posts (i.e. when I post a blog post on Micro.Blog, I want the cross-post to Mastodon to use the header image I set on the original post).

I love that Micro.Blog has the ability to cross-post out to other services and sites, it’s actually the whole reason I decided to try things out here. However, there are some workflow issues that make using this a bit less ideal than I’d like.

Would Next Page be a better solution than Load More? Loura’s web app implements it this way. Asking coz sometime I use the back button to go back to the timeline and it takes me to the top of the timeline when in fact I was on the fourth “Load More” page.

For those brave enough to tinker with their custom templates, Laura and Sod developed this tweak that implements this feature. I have implemented this on my end, and it works great. Laura is planning on writing this up on her blog for a step-by-step guide.

The “header image” thing sounds like you should include the Opengraph metadata in your posts, which is available as a plug in (though generally set correctly on most themes).

I wouldn’t hold your breath on hashtags-- because Micro.blog has a strong stance against them, the fact that they “work” at all with external services is largely incidental.

I, too, would like more granular cross-posting features:

  • Ability to set cross-posting options in drafts. I use Ulysses for some of my blog posts, and want to uncheck Tumblr cross-posting for those. There is currently no easy way to do that.
  • Ability to link a social channel but have it be unchecked by default. I want to send some, but not all of my posts to LinkedIn. I am very, very careful what I send to LinkedIn and don’t trust myself to remember to uncheck posts I don’t want to see there.

Thanks for the suggestions @jsonbecker, I’ll look into that. It’s quite frustrating to see that there’s some ideological reason why hashtag functionality isn’t included.

This was my suggestion for keeping micro.blog clean and limiting the gamification of hashtags, while allowing them to be useful in cross-posting situations:

I’m unsure if this was suggested previously, but it would be helpful to turn off @ replies for specific accounts selectively. Currently, I can only turn them off or on. But, when on, there is one account I follow that is just super chatty with replies. So, it’d be nice to turn off replies for those few follows that get too chatty.


Feature: Alt-text for Uploads
Description: in the apps, adding an alt-text is easy if you are adding the photo via a post. But when posting via the API, another app, or from a “copy html” from uploads, this doesn’t present an option.

I think there are a few ways to help this.

First, if doing an upload to the uploads directly, you could offer an alt-text at that time, and again when using “copy HTML”.

If not, when using the “copy HTML” you could have a step or checkbox that says something like “add alt-text”?

I’m probably not the right one to design this, as you can see, but there is a gap between ease of adding alt text in a post vs. from an upload.


Feature request: progress indicator on the Uploads web page.
Description: uploading videos can take a while. I just did that and after clicking Upload nothing happened which led me to wonder if I’d somehow missed. Eventually the video upload appeared. A progress indicator would let us know that something is in fact happening and to just wait.

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