Micro.blog Feature Requests

Some requests have been entirely or partially implemented.

It would be great if we could track the progress of requests as well, specifically in the original post of the request. I’m not sure if there’s a way for the topic author to make limited edits or something in Discourse.

cc: @pratik @jean @manton

Authors can update their posts, but realistically not everyone is going to do that. My 2 cents: I don’t think this approach of a single discussion with lots of feature requests is going to scale very well in the long run. Imagine if there are thousands of feature requests here.

As I’ve said when this has come up in the past, we don’t officially have a universal list of feature requests, although there are lots of places to submit feature requests, from email to Micro.blog to GitHub to right here. It’s okay if we hear requests multiple times because it helps prioritize what is most important.

Having said all that, these forums on Discourse are for the community, so if people want to collect features this way it’s totally fine. I read everything even if I don’t comment.

One of us could reply to the original post with the request and ask the author to strike out the request or as Manton suggested, add an update to the post simply saying, Implemented. Not everyone will do it but can try.

@manton Consider this thread as suggestions. As long as you read and consider the :heart:s people add to a feature, it’s all good. If it doesn’t scale, it doesn’t scale. People can use Discourse features to keep track if they wish.

As you said, it’s good for the community to have a place to see that what features they were hoping for are also wanted by others. Or on the flipside, see requests for features they had never thought of but now that it’s mentioned, it would be a good idea they can support.

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@pratik I just remembered that mentions and notifications work particularly well in this setting, so it could easily be a good way of letting people know there has been an update — this could also be a chance to help people find the Discourse notification settings in general. But I don’t want to mess up the topic so shall I send you a message/email with what I have in mind?

@manton Yep that still makes sense. It’ll be interesting to see if anything changes as the platform grows.

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Feature: Mute Mastodon hashtags
Description: I would like the ability to mute hashtags across all Mastodon accounts I’m following.
Link to original post: Request: Mute Mastodon hashtags


Feature: Open Graph Previews for links shared on micro.blog
Description: Please consider adding Open Graph previews to Micro.blog for more engaging and visually appealing shared content. It would greatly enhance the overall user experience and increase post visibility.
Link to original post: Feature Request: Open Graph Preview on micro.blog


Add Title option on New Post page. I prefer titles in every single of my posts, so I don’t have to save it as a draft then edit it and then I can add a title.


Good one! I prefer most of my posts to be untitled, but sometimes I want a title even when the post is under the character limit. In those cases, I usually end up typing in as many nonsense characters as it takes to push me over the limit, add the title, then delete the nonsense characters.

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Can you update this post to show that this was implemented?

Update: Implemented.

Update: Implemented in v3.1

Feature: Nicer breaks for long, untitled posts on the timeline, Mastodon, Bluesky, etc.–any platform that enforces length limits on text length.

Description: Currently, longer posts break arbitrarily at 300-ish characters for the timeline and Bluesky, and 500 characters for Mastodon. This is usually in the middle of a sentence.

Instead, please configure micro.blog to put the break at the end of a sentence or paragraph.

I was just looking at Metafilter and that’s similar to how they handle longer posts.

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This is implemented in the 3.2 release. You can tap the gear icon when creating a new post and there is an option to show the title filed.

3.2 will hopefully ship next week for iOS and also will come to Android next week.

Feature: Threads support for cross-posting.

I’m just checking in on this. I think I may already know the answer: micro.blog will support threads when and if threads gets official, Meta-approved APIs to do so, because micro.blog does not want to mess around with janky third-party services that do not have Zuck’s blessing.

I think you might be right. :blush:

If there was an official Threads API for posting, Micro.blog would support it. I’m not holding my breath on Meta allowing that, but also they are trying new things with Threads, so who knows.


Care to elaborate?

I just think that @MitchWagner is right in his assumption that Micro.blog won’t support Threads until it gets an official API, based on Manton’s statement quoted above.

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Feature: start a new post from the Bookmarks in addition to the currently offered feature in Highlights page?

Clarification: Or should posts include at least one blockquote from a bookmark first to create a post?

I think you’re right that there should be a button to create a new post for a bookmark even if there is no quoted text or highlight. Similar to the share sheet on iOS when sharing from a Safari page.

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I don’t remember seeing that comment from Manton—just a couple of days ago, apparently. I must have picked up the vibe.