Micro.blog down?

When I go to watch my timeline I get " Error while processing the request. Please try again or email help@micro.blog. Check the news blog for updates."

My web sites seem to work.

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Edit: Seems to be back up again :blush::+1:

Yes, noticed the same. Micro.blog apps don’t seem to work either atm. :sweat_smile:

Yes, we had some downtime with the core platform. It did not affect hosted blogs. All good now, thanks for your patience.


Uhm, down again…?
(I can’t access Micro.blog on the Web, official app or Gluon.)

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Service is down for me. Can’t acces.

Same here.

Back up for me now! :+1:t2:

Resolved again. Thank you!

In case folks don’t know there is also a status page https://status.micro.blog/ you can check to see if servers are down!