Micro.blog, Bridgy Fed and the whole Fediverse dance

Turns out, I’m still bit confused about the whole Fediverse address / Mastodon-compatible username etc. concept. For example:

  • If I’ve configured Mastodon-compatible username in micro.blog (which I have), are there any additional benefits in setting up Bridgy Fed for my website?
  • My Mastodon compatible username in micro.blog is @juha@juhaliikala.com, is this the same thing as “Fediverse address” (which Bridgy Fed uses on their website)?

As another example, Tantek Çelik has Bridgy Fed user page here: https://fed.brid.gy/user/tantek.com. The page has this feature:

Now, if I put my @juha@juhaliikala.com address there and try to follow (my initial thought was that I’d be following Tantek then with my micro.blog account, as it’s connected with the “Mastodon compatible username” thing), but after follow I get… “Couldn’t find remote follow link for @juha@juhaliikala.com”. What am I missing here?

In short, I guess I’m just confused on the terminology and the way it all comes together from a user perspective. I’d love to add “follow me on Fediverse” link on my blog and maybe explain how it all works, but as I don’t completely get it myself either, I thought I better ask best practises from people here who know better! :smiley:


Micro.blog’s Mastodon compatible username and Bridgy Fed are two different solutions to the same problem: how to make my website available on the Fediverse? It might be possible to run them both in parallel with different usernames for the same domain (I’m skeptical, but don’t know for sure) but it doesn’t really make sense. You choose one or the other based on which feature set you like the most.


It’s not you, you’re not missing anything! :blush: Micro.blog has not implemented the remote follow feature. You have to search for Tantek manually via the Discovery section.

The URL you want in that case is https://micro.blog/juha?remote_follow=1.

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Ah yes, I think I won’t be trying to run both, only complicates things I guess. Was just curious if there are some synergies that could be beneficial :slight_smile:

Ok, that makes perfect sense. Thanks for clearing that up!

Excellent! :+1:

Oh, one more thing. While on the topic of Mastodon & Fediverse (asked this already here, but since no answers yet, rinse and repeat :smile: → Is there a way to verify the Blog URL that shows up in Mastodon when people search with my fediverse address there? With regular Mastodon account, one can add the rel="me" link to personal blog which points to the Mastodon profile. But in this case (no Mastodon account, just the Mastodon compatible username), is that possible?

Thanks again for the help! :smiley:

A quick glance at Mastodon’s source code suggests that it should work already, but I don’t know for sure. It might be that Manton has to implement support for Mastodon’s link verification to work.

The verification should work, but there is something very picky about what Mastodon is doing. I haven’t been able to figure it out yet. I think all the HTML we produce for verification is already correct.