Micro.blog app for Android Problem

The Micro.blog app for Android on my PIxel 4g crashes every time I touch the “Posts” link, which makes editing my old posts impossible on the phone. I’ve removed and reinstalled and the problem persists. I’d be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks.

The most straightforward way to a solution is probably to capture a bug report and send it to help@micro.blog along with the following information:

  • The phone you’re using (I couldn’t find a phone named Pixel 4g but there’s one named Pixel 4a).
  • If you’re using the stock operating system or a custom one.
  • Which version of Android you’re on.
  • Which version of Micro.blog you’ve installed.

Until this problem gets resolved, you might have better luck with Gluon for Android or using the web client.

Thanks for the report. We are close to shipping the new iOS version, and then most of that work will make it into the Android version too, so expect some Android updates. I haven’t seen this crash but if a sign out didn’t fix it, I agree for now the web version is probably your best bet.

Will do. Thanks for the response.