Mermaid or goat?

Anyone know how/if I can embed mermaid js somehow in my blog?

I cant see a plugin - but I know hugo supports it - Diagrams | Hugo

what would I have to do?

Yeah, it should be possible. You would have to follow the steps outlined on the page you linked to. In short, add a new render hook template and paste a code snippet into your theme. You can do this via a custom theme.

If you’re not comfortable with custom themes, maybe GoAT is a viable alternative? That should “just work”, as long as you’re using Hugo 0.93 or later. You can select your blog’s Hugo version by navigating to the Design page.

Ah I see microblog is only supporting up to 0.91

I think i might just have to stick with an outputted png


0.117 is available as well, with working GoAT support.

@sod is correct.

I’d also like to shamelessly promote that I wrote about this on my blog.

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Thanks All. So - I switched over to 0.117 (Im perplexed isnt 0.91 a bigger number than 0.117?!) - but its taking all day to switch over. I tried it on a local hugo version and it looked awful (and massive) in Goat. So switched to a output from mermaid in the end.

Loving your work @mandaris

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Search semantic versioning or semver for an answer to that :slightly_smiling_face:

I really wish Hugo would’ve bumped up to version 1.0 by now, but that is a separate rant and outside our control. :slightly_smiling_face:

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