Mentioning Mastodon / ActivityPub users

Hey folks,

I’m relatively new to, but not the Fediverse. Since using MB I’ve been having challenges mentioning users on Mastodon. For example, if I write a post on MB and try to mention my Mastodon account ( the link that’ generated actually goes to an MB link, like this:

This is fine, as long as I get the mention notification, but I’m finding that notifications are inconsistent. I may get them 50% of the time, if I’m lucky. Is this just one of those federated weirdness issues, or am I doing something wrong here? Is there something special I should be doing to mention users over on Masto?

Thanks, folks.

This was a bug with posts that didn’t start with an @-mention. I just fixed it today so everything should be working as you expect now!

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Thanks Manton. :+1: