import no longer allows personal domain names, so if you have older content on Medium you should consider importing it into your blog on where you can use your own domain name and have more control over your content.

To import from Medium to

  • Go to and click on your profile, then look in the Account section.
  • Under “Download your information”, click the “Download .zip” button to request a download of all your Medium posts.
  • When you have the .zip file from Medium, go to and click Posts → Import.
  • On the import screen, select the option for uploading the .zip file you received from Medium. will import your posts, preserving the title, HTML markup, and original publish date.

We recommend keeping a copy of your Medium .zip file as an extra backup of your posts. You can also regularly export all your posts in Blog Archive Format (.bar, which is also a .zip file) by clicking Posts → Export.

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