Media Reviews page

I was browsing some RSS feeds and I encountered someone who uses who had a page where it grouped all of his media reviews (movies, tv, books, etc.) into simple one-line reviews with links to their posts. I loved this idea, and thought I saved the page, but I cannot find that page anymore. Here’s what I want to achieve, where the entry title has the date, the media, and then a starred

date - title - :star::star::star::star:

date - title - :star::star::star::star:

I assume I need some kind of archive page and then do a grouping in the template. That’s as far as I know right now. If someone could point me to the right reference to make something like this happen, I would greatly appreciate it.

The stars seem hardest unless they’re in the title. That said, it’d be making a new page with a custom template that filters to a post category that just shows titles and not content.

Stars are in the title already. I just want to show all of the media categories on the same page.

I kinda do this on my /Now page. Letterboxd offers the title and the stars in the title. But the Epilogue has no stars feature. I had trouble displaying Trakt’s RSS to display like Letterboxd hence I’m using their widget.

I also like how my movies page turned out using the category page template.

That movies page looks great. It’s exactly what I want to do, but for all media on one page.