MB editor keeps wrapping already linked username in MB link

I have the same handle everywhere, I am @anniegreens, and especially when I use photos hosted on Flickr in a post I link back to my profile. The Flickr TOS requires this. But every time I do this, after saving, I often notice that the straight up HTML I’m using with an <a href="...">@anniegreens</a> has been modified to contain a Markdown link to my MB, resulting in <a href="...">[@anniegreens](https://micro.blog/anniegreens)</a>

I get that this makes sense if the handle was not already linking to something, but otherwise it is not only annoying it is not valid HTML as now there are two nested links. Unless I go back and check every single one of these after saving I won’t know it has happened.

Can whatever logic is happening to do this not first check if the name is already wrapped in a link?

Actually, it doesn’t parse the nested Markdown link so what I end up with on the front-end in the browser is a linked [@anniegreens](https://micro.blog/anniegreens) as the entire text of the link.