Since 90% of my trickle in traffic is from the Mastodon (ActivityPub) integration, I am kind of curious what they are even seeing. How are page visits being registered for the single image and/or less than 280 character posts? Are these legitimate visits are more like impressions?

Also note that follows aren’t getting autoapproved all the time. I’m still in limbo trying to follow my own account. (my M.b from my other Mastodon account).

is that internal Mastodon analytics?
Or are they your site analytics (cos if so, I’m not seeing 90% from Mastodon!)

My site analytics, since I don’t get traffic from anywhere else … and the occasional visitor retains its source … it has to be from Mastodon (they all also tend to be using Windows).

I am curious whether you think there would be an advantage to creating a Mastodon account and setting up cross-posting like I have with Tumblr. The whole platform is still kind of a black box to me.