Mastodon reply - error in permalink?

I was testing the ability to reply to my posts in mastodon. The reply came across to mostly fine, but the link back from the reply to mastodon seems to not resolve?

Example: carol o (

There should be a reply from a mastodon account under the post. In the reply, the text came across fine, but the permalink url back to mastodon (in the reply timestamp) gives a 404 error.

The permalink url currently looks like this (gives a 404 error): https:// users/ carolou/ statuses/ 109286799591961794

As far as I can tell, if I reformat it so the “users/” bit is replaced with “@” and I remove “statuses/”, the URL starts working: https:// @ carolou/ 109286799591961794

I browsed a few different mastodon servers and the longer style permalink seems to work on some servers and not others? It seems to work on but not on for example. The shorter version (with the @ symbol) seems to work on all the mastodon servers I browsed.

Anyway, I’m a newbie with both mastodon and so I’m unsure how to troubleshoot this further! Is this an issue on the side, or is it something in how each specific mastodon server has been configured?

This sounds strongly like either a Mastodon server option on permalink structure or difference between different versions of the Mastodon.

I think you’re right! This particular mastodon server ( updated to v4.0.0rc2 over the weekend and both style of link seem to work now! Meanwhile, is on v4.0.0rc1 and only the shorter style of link seems to work.

So could be a version thing or a server option thing, but either way, seems like the issue is on the Mastodon side.