Mastodon removes paragraph breaks

Bug report: This post on is 230 characters.

When it’s syndicated to mastodon, the paragraph break is removed:


It’s a political post by the way; apologies if you don’t want to see that kind of thing.


This is true of all cross posting, as the content is processed differently. The only way I’ve found around it is that explicitly <br> will be respected if your content has new lines.

Not true on Tumblr! Here’s the same post there, with proper paragraph breaks.

I guess what I mean to say is the format of the text depends on the engine-- Tumblr allows HTML content AND markdown, so likely is either getting processed HTML and can handle it without stripping tags OR it’s receiving the plaintext markdown and interpreting the markdown correctly.

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Do you think Mastodon will eventually support Markdown?

I have read there is work on that under way.

Thanks for sharing the details… This is a little surprising to me. For cross-posting to Mastodon, should preserve the paragraphs, so it’s up to how Mastodon wants to handle it.

More specifically, I think the work being done is with a Mastodon fork, not the main code stream.

I’ve subscribed to my account from my main account on You may be able to see it for yourself here:

Interestingly, preserves markdown in short posts. Longer posts are truncated at 285-ish characters, rather than the Mastodon maximum of 500 characters, which is not ideal but is no big deal either.

More specifically, Dave Winer mentioned on his blog that Mastodon + Markdown is in development. And it’s my assumption that the work is a fork. That Mastodon software would also have a super-long character limit; not just 500 characters.

Thanks. I hope markdown is supported in the main codestream.

I thought Mastodon character limits were set on a per-server basis?

I saw this bug crop up again, on two consecutive posts which each happened to be two paragraphs and under 280 characters. On


And the originals on the timeline:

Note that this is on–the original Mastodon instance and presumably using the original, upstream code, not a fork.

Is there a timetable on when this might be fixed? And when will syndicate the full 500 characters to Mastodon, and not truncate to 280 characters?


I’m updating the cross-posting for both Mastodon and Twitter to preserve paragraphs better. The change will roll out today. Thanks!

This is cool… I’d be curious to know the technical details (here, your blog, Core Intuition… any of the places)

Thank you for prioritizing this. And if I’d known about your power situation I would have postponed my complaining follow-up bug report.