Mastodon forks (Activity Pub?)

@manton that’s cool that M.b’s created mirror of my Mastodon’s which I can link to (like in @steveroy welcome dude! Check out [my talk]( from Micro Camp 2021 all about cross-posting with M.b, and why I think it's an ideal central hub to move towards. Have followed to hear your thoughts on climate, and where tech can fit in with that, themes I'm exploring in [a musical]( I'm showcasing this Earth Day. P.s. @jasraj good to see you've got a Mastodon profile (and in particular good to see Eugen's reopened the Mastodon.Social server like my tech I had to stick my arts I'd recommend setting up cross-posting there from M.b. Steve you could also do that but sounds like WP is your mothership and you've already got that setup for now.). I guess via ActivityPub, though nothing to do with me I think as I’ve left my /account setting at “set Mastodon-compatible username”.

But it seems to be a slightly erratic selection of posts.
For both of them, it seemed to wig out with loads of earlier posts on a single day, and since then has just picked up native posts from w4rner there (which is good vs. duplicating my cross-posts there).

Lmk if you can shed some light on expected behaviour and customizability?

P.S. would have previously posted this on ActivityPub but now closed

Hmm didn’t expect the OG-Title of a short-post to be the entire text. That’s also something which might need to be re-optimised!