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Is there a way to get Mastodon comments to show up on my, without changing instances? I’m on right now, and I support that instance monetarily and have been really happy there. I realize I could pipe my directly into Mastodon using the “Set Fediverse Username”, but when I’ve done that before, it creates a new account that has no followers and follows nothing, so it just sits there inactive.

My posts show up on my Mastodon feed through cross-posting, but the comments to those posts don’t cross-post back to my blog. Is there any way I could make that work?

The short answer is no, not currently. See Manton’s answer in this thread.

The slightly longer answer is no; there’s currently no solution for exactly that. But, there’s a plug-in called Reply on Mastodon that shows a button on cross-posted blog posts that takes the visitor to the conversation on Mastodon. In theory, a programmer should be able to fetch the conversation from Mastodon and present it inline on your blog as well. But no one has built that for At least not that I’m aware of.

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In case any plug-in developer out there would like to implement this, here’s what I figured out… Provided you have the instance hostname and toot id, you can fetch replies via /api/v1/statuses/:id/context. For cross-posted blog posts, the hostname and id are available via .Params.mastodon.hostname and in the Hugo templates.


Hollie’s blog post is cross-posted to A request to returns the conversation as a JSON object.

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I really wish I knew how to make plug-ins! :slight_smile: I would so enjoy building something like this.

Thanks for the info, @sod! Maybe it’ll work someday.

Bridgy could help with this in the future. It will send replies from Mastodon back to However, it currently only works when the post includes a URL back to your blog. So, for that means long posts with titles or truncated posts. I discovered recently that there is a way to work around this limitation by including Microformats in the blog post that link to the Mastodon cross-post. That will require theme changes, so none of the built-in themes support it yet.


This (replies without URL in post) would be an excellent change.

You could go ahead and enable your fediverse identity from blog, Follow that account from your account and then share it from your account instead of crossposting from That’s something I may start doing myself.

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Yeah, this is a good idea. I think I’ve been resisting this because I want to have just one Mastodon account (one account to rule them all!) but the more I consider it, the less feasible that seems unless I want to learn a whole bunch of coding to solve all these niggly little issues. I admire coders, what folks are able to build is so cool, but I just don’t have the space in my life right now for that path. I need to get more comfortable with workarounds.

I just realized - if someone has turned off my boosts, they’ll never see my blog posts.

Yeah, this is a good idea. I think I’ve been resisting this because I want to have just one Mastodon account (one account to rule them all!)

Yeah, same! The one account to rule them all seems so close! In recent days I’ve actually gone the other direction, manually following accounts I from my Mastodon account. The lack of proper keyword searching is probably going to be the main thing that keeps me at Mastodon.

From my Mastodon account I can search and find lots of posts and accounts based on interests, something lacking in

Another is that Mastodon provides for saving hashtag searches and creating lists, both of which I’ve come to rely on. Were I to try doing all my fediverse browsing from I’d loose all those options.

All that said, it’s not too hard to manage these two accounts and bounce back and forth!