Mastodon can't find my Microblog username?

Hi all,

I just activated my Mastodon-compatible username through the ActivityPub account setting, but can’t seem to find my username::
Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 9.39.21 PM

I’m not sure what I should try next, if anything. (Or if I just need to wait a bit.) I would appreciate any advice. Thank you!

Hello and welcome! :partying_face:

There’s a bug where you must have a blog hosted by for this to work. In @manton’s own words in this reply.

Not a dumb question, that should usually work but it looks like a bug if you don’t have a hosted blog on If you add a blog (Plans → New Blog) that should fix it. I’ll see if I can smooth this over later.

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For the record, it works now. (I didn’t change anything, and just happened to check, ten days later. I am not sure when it got fixed!)

Yep, I fixed it. Glad it’s working now!

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