Markdown support in Bio/About Me on

Not sure if this is the correct category, but I filled my “About Me” info a little bit and added some Markdown formatted text and links into it, but it still shows only the “raw text” without parsing it.

Is this by design or can I “enable” Markdown on the bio somehow?
To clarify, I talk about the bio, when you view your profile here: - @renem, not the About page on the hosted microblog itself.

There is currently support only for raw text and emoji. It would be great if we could also use links and some Markdown.

I was able to do it… I have a link in my about me.

Officially we only support plain text in the “about me”, although the “About” page on your blog can include any Markdown or HTML. The problem is that the iOS apps cannot display HTML on the profile screens. So links might work okay on the web but won’t look good everywhere.