Markdown not displaying properly

On my about page, not all of my Markdown test is displaying properly.

There is a list on the page.

Just before the list is a url that is displaying properly. In the list, items are not. There are 3 urls where you can see the markdown. Number 6 also has an item that should be italicised but isn’t. Any idea what I am doing wrong?


There’s a space between your description and url, like so:

  • [some text] (

looking like this:

  • [some text] (

instead of:

Also, don’t use markdown inside an html container. If you do lists with html tags, you need to use html tags for italics as well. Or, use markdown for ordered lists, like so:

1. first item
2. _second_ item

which is converted into:

  1. first item
  2. second item

Thanks. It was all putting markdown inside html. Thank you!