Marfa Theme Differences

I’ve noticed that the Marfa main page and post pages render some things differently. A couple ways, at least.

  1. Lists show better on posts than on main page. E.g.:


  2. Spacing is different on main page than in posts. E.g.:


Note: I am on vanilla Marfa, so surprised when these differences show up.

For example #2, these are posts that have come in from Hey World via IFTTT.

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For #1, that’s a longstanding issue that I thought we had fixed but I guess not. This is what I have in my custom CSS if you want to paste it into Design → Edit CSS. Let me know if that fixes it and I’ll make sure we update the default theme.

article ol li {
	list-style-type: decimal;

article ul li {
	list-style-type: disc;

.post-body ul li {
	list-style-type: disc !important;

Doesn’t appear to have helped. Does it matter if it is above or below the default data in the CSS?

I fixed #1 in this pull request.