Manging The Look Of Bullet Points in replies

Not sure if this is the right place to seek this kind of help …

I am using the Hitchens template.

See this test post : here

I have tried various CSS changes to move those bullets back in line with the post - and failed. My problem is that I always have a hard time identifying what the name of the style is that I am trying to change.

All ideas welcome.

Many thanks in anticipation.

This was a confusing post-- but I gather you dislike the look of the comments with bullets. You can do

.microblog_text > ul { 
  padding: 1em; 

If you right click and “inspect element” in most browsers, you can see precisely what styles the thing you’re clicking on receives and mess with those styles in the browser to figure out the right selectors/CSS.

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Here’s what I’m looking at in Safari to see that the ul element had no padding, adding padding worked and looked good, and that this ul’s immediate parent class was .microblog_text. From there, I wrote the selector to be “ul that is a child of an element of class microblog_text” so as to not impact other list styles.

SORRY about the confusion - BUT - you nailed it … thankyou … and indeed ‘2em’ indents them slightly. Been bashing myself up about that - on and off - for a while now. Great stuff.


After playing around and ‘inspecting elements’ - getting my head around how it is - it has taken me YEARS to see this - because for whatever reason, I have always been able to use the inspect element - but when i try to manouevere thr CSS - it didn’t - today it did - consistently - so again - THANKYOU!

Things I am stuck on

Using this post as the ‘template’ : An Experiment // 💬 John Philpin

I have

  • boldened the user names
  • i have always wanted to bring the comments text in line with the body text - DONE
  • though having done that - for whatever reason the bullets that used to be indented from body text is no longer and it wont budge - so I wonder …
  1. is there a single control I can use to move the entire block of comment (Name and Text)? Right now I am moving the two elements separately.

  2. I also would like to move the ‘time’ to the left - so it too is aligned - but for the life of me - it will not shift!


on the post stream on the home page -

  1. the image will not budge from the right and get aligned with all the text - and when i do move it to left - it then butts into the text?

Many thanks in anticipation.

  1. I don’t know where you want to move things, but the name and text (and everything) are all part of microblog_post. Even the time.
  2. Something is setting microblog_time with text-align: right; – you need to get rid of that with either text-align: unset; or remove that from your CSS.
  3. You did padding: unset; but you did not add margin: 1em; to your .post > img CSS.

Jason - that was perfect - and it all worked … the post element was the way to go - and all good - so many thankyous