Mafra theme pull request

I’ve opened a pull request that improves (I think) the microformats markup for the Mafra theme, and cleans up some whitespace. I’ve alsö included the pull request from @nertzy, which is already fixed in the default theme CSS.

Excellent, thanks! I’ll check it out.

What’s the right way to use my fork of the theme? I want to test to make sure I don’t just absolutely jack something while fiddling. (I don’t mean the “custom theme” feature; is it possible?)

@manton, could you shed a little light on the order of operations here:

  • custom theme
  • Mafra theme (or any other)
  • Blank theme
  • Default theme

Are all of them consulted during build?

All of them except Default. Default is just a normal theme so if you are using (for example) Marfa instead, it won’t use Default.

The order is basically:

  1. Blank is the baseline to start with. This gets us templates for things that are really needed like XML and JSON Feeds.
  2. The plug-in that is providing a full theme is applied, i.e. Default, Marfa, or Paper.
  3. The custom theme set for your blog under the Design screen. That way this can override any templates in the theme from step 2.
  4. Any plug-ins that just provide some templates but which aren’t full themes, i.e. no theme.toml file.
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The “blank” theme seems to be labelled “default” within the custom theme interface, which is confusing

Yeah, that is confusing. We were actually just talking about changing the default theme to Marfa, so maybe all themes should have a real name to avoid that kind of confusion.