Has anyone figured a way to create curated Lists of users on They would be account owned & populated. It’d be real nice to have a list of just Mastodon users or Aviation Geeks. Yeah, Lists is a feature I’ll miss from Twitter.

I looked at the JSON API and something could be cooked up with that but seems like a lot of initial work & would not be easy to maintain on the fly.

This cool feature could be built into the official client and third-party alternatives. Feed readers are probably your best bet if you want something right now. Most (all?) have support for tags or categories that can act as lists.

What @dave is doing with FeedLand is more or less what you’re asking for (and more) but for feeds at large, not just specific. Here’s an example.

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If I’m not mistaken, @Jacob has done this. He created a Musicians on site. I asked him about creating a list of LGBT+ users, and he sounded open to it, but then I never followed back up with him :frowning: But anyway, maybe he could help you out? Not sure if this is exactly what you’re asking for or not.

@UndamnedOne that’s an interesting solution but yeah relies on a 3rd party & another website to manage things. Thanks for suggesting that!

@sod yes, I think an RSS feed with categories is the way to go. NetNewsWire does well with that. If FeedLand goes to a non-Twitter login I’ll explore that. Thank you!

If anyone else is using FeedLand for this kind of thing, I’d love to hear more about it. It will probably be a while before we add native “lists” to… Maybe there are other API changes we could make that would open up similar tools.

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