List of follows

Is the export the only way of seeing the list of follows and export/edit/import the only way to add to it?

You can also see it on the web if you click on your profile (, there should be a “Following 123 users” link.

Ahhhh… thanks. Wouldn’t have thought to look there.

Perhaps that link to that list can also be included in the Mastodon page. That was where I thought it would be.

That makes sense. Adding a link there shouldn’t be a problem.

I see you’ve already added it. Nice.

I assume it’s unrelated, but my list of follows seems to have been nuked :scream:

Is there something I’ve done that could have caused that? Can I recover the list somehow?

Apologies again about this. Unfortunately we have lost some of the most recent follows data, if you followed someone in the last week. I may be able to restore some of it but it’s unlikely, so you will need to re-follow anyone who you’ve followed recently.

For recent Mastodon migrations, for completeness it may be a good idea to run the migration again. I’m still looking into that.

Ouch. Ok, I have a relatively recent export from when I first set it up.

Is redoing the migration just to pick up follows again? If so, I should be ok with importing the list that I have.

I’m still investigating the impact of this. I’ll post an update as soon as I’m sure, here and also to @news.

I now believe we can restore the following lists that were reset. It may take a little longer, but I’ll post an update to @news tomorrow once everything is back to normal. There’s no harm in re-following anyone in the meantime either.

Thanks for your support and patience, everyone.

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