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I’ve been thinking about @manton’s post a couple of years ago about a Linktree-style page. I’m assuming the way this was made was with a completely separate blog so that it could live at that URL. I love the idea, but don’t relish spinning up another blog for essentially a single-purpose page.

Is there a way to assign a subdomain like that to an exisiting page on your blog, along with a separate theme? Or would it have to be another blog?


This would be a really cool addition to premium service. I could get rid of my page and focus on one place for this. I hope he notice.

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Currently it has to be a separate blog. I actually have a lot of these kind of single-page blogs hosted on…,,, are all even though they aren’t blogs.

Maybe the solution is single-page blogs should be free? Just thinking out loud here.

I mean, I think that would be awesome. There’s actually a handful of project pages that I’d like to build under subdomains now that I think about it.

But I also think you give a lot away for “free”. How much extra maintenance/support do you think it could add? Maybe @numericcitizen is on the right path…could be an extra incentive for Mb Premium tier.

Part of Premium makes a lot of sense. You’re right too about support… The “problem” with single-page sites like that is that they do usually require some tinkering with plug-ins or a custom theme to get them to look the way you want.

By the way, if it’s not obvious, my site just uses the “Gateway” plug-in. The plug-in has settings to configure the links to various popular services.

I’m rolling out a change today to allow extra non-blog sites for Premium ($10) subscribers. We’re calling these “single-page” web sites, although technically they can have multiple pages. They just don’t have blog posts. No extra charge, you can create as many as you want by clicking Plans and looking for the “create single-page web site” link near the bottom.

What I love about this addition is that it also solves a problem people run into sometimes with wanting multiple domain names to redirect to a new domain name. In other words, you can create a single-page site for an old domain name and just set a redirect for “/” that goes to the new blog.

Longer announcement will be posted to news or my blog later. Feedback welcome in the meantime.


Wow, this is really above and beyond. So glad my question sparked this new feature. I’ll make good use out of it for sure and brings even more value to

Thanks Manton!

Maybe I’m doing some configuration wrong, but the links I set up in the Gateway plugin aren’t showing:

When creating these new sites, it automatically includes the “Custom home page” plug-in, and that is going to conflict with the Gateway plug-in. Can you check in Plug-ins if custom home page is installed and if so uninstall it?

Maybe we shouldn’t include the plug-in by default, or prompt for what the user wants to do.

Ah, yep, that was it. Thanks! Probably the custom home page is a good place to start for most projects, but some help text would point folks in the right direction.

I may just end up rolling my own or customizing the theme directly, but would you entertain requests for other fields in the Gateway theme?

Sure, adding new fields for Gateway is pretty straightforward. What services would be good?

Cool! This is my first use of this feature:
(custom domain, custom template, many navigational pages, images, footers and tinylytics integration)

Do you know why / isn’t redirecting to my other site (for should point to JF Martin ( - Pixelfed

I get an error by Safari. And firefox.

Now the website loads but to the default empty page but the redirect doesn’t trigger…

Thank you for the new single page websites feature. I am looking at the Gateway Theme and reading the above replies, and would love to see fields for Glass, YouTube and I’m sure I can think of others. I would like to be able to dip in and out of the theme to add links to sites, or pages, featured posts or things like that.

Feature Request for Gateway. I would love to self-define my own links. So I can add any new sites, or even just web pages as I go along. And even choose from a library of icons to go with the links. Would this be possible?

For example: Site name, URL, icon name


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I fixed the redirect for your site. There’s an issue right now where the blog has to be rebuilt for a “/” redirect to take effect. I’ll get that fixed everywhere.

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Thank for this feature. It’s very useful and simple to implement once you understand how. I’ve set one up and had the above issue (plugin conflict) but once I removed the default plugin it worked perfectly.

This feature may solve something I had planned to do - create a homepage for blog that acts like a Now page. Can this page pull in the posts from my main blog? Say, the most recent five (only titles may be fine). Something on the lines of

This would almost certainly be more easily achieved with a single theme template page (mine right now does exactly this, but selects just the first post in category now and does a full content view, but easily could be 5 posts with summaries). I guess the only difference would be the subdomain? But otherwise, is built just on regular MB.