Links should be underlined

According to WCAG 2.1 1.4.1, links should be visually evident without color vision.

If you still decide not to use an underline, the colour should be distinct from the surrounding text. On, the contrast between text and links is 2.77:1, which fails the colour contrast test.

I’m referring to text within posts. Navigation links are evident from their context.

Hello @leonp!

Thanks for posting! I’m sure @manton has thought about this. In fact, if you look at his personal site (, you’ll see that he’s using a version of the Marfa theme that is the default(?) for new users.

As for the timeline, I think this is just following the convention for sites like this as far as style is concerned. I logged back into the bird site to verify and was horrified by a timeline filled with stuff from people I don’t follow. Then I looked at the book of faces, and they do it too.

So, in a lot of ways, this is an opportunity that can show case that it’s better.

As a side note, could you include a direct link to your blog entry to make your post here complete?

Have a great rest of your day!

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Thanks y’all. I did some more experiments with this and I think we can adjust the default text color from #333 to #222 and it bumps the contrast to 3.49:1, which is “passing” according to those guidelines.

Seems like a good change to make. I’ll roll this out this week.

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Thanks @mandaris,

Here’s my blog post:

Yeah, be nice if took a lead on this :+1:

Thanks @manton,

Be great to see underlines as well – good for all visitors :grin: