Links no longer appearing in cross-posts to BlueSky?

Hello there!

In the past, when I’d post to my blog, the version of the post on BlueSky would retain the links

Now, however, when I post, the links do not come through.

Is this a change on the BlueSky side? Or did I break something? :sweat_smile:

This is strange because I just posted to my blog today and the link went through to Bluesky just fine. And your post looks good, can’t see any difference with it.

Was this an automatic cross-post or a manual one?

Hey Manton!

This was an automatic cross-post.

Just ran another test.

Link on my site:

Link on Bluesky:

As you can see, working fine with the Mastodon cross-post.

Just advising that the issue is persisting. I’d love some insight here. Thanks!