Links no longer appearing in cross-posts to BlueSky?

Hello there!

In the past, when I’d post to my blog, the version of the post on BlueSky would retain the links

Now, however, when I post, the links do not come through.

Is this a change on the BlueSky side? Or did I break something? :sweat_smile:

This is strange because I just posted to my blog today and the link went through to Bluesky just fine. And your post looks good, can’t see any difference with it.

Was this an automatic cross-post or a manual one?

Hey Manton!

This was an automatic cross-post.

Just ran another test.

Link on my site:

Link on Bluesky:

As you can see, working fine with the Mastodon cross-post.

Just advising that the issue is persisting. I’d love some insight here. Thanks!

Just bumping up again, hopefully that’s not against the rules, would love a fix.

Definitely not against the rules. When I’m slow to respond, I appreciate the reminder.

One thing I noticed on your account: it’s using the RSS feed instead of the default JSON Feed. While it shouldn’t matter, perhaps something with the encoding is interfering with creating the Bluesky links.

I’m updating your feeds page to use the JSON version. Let’s see if that fixes it going forward!

That absolutely fixed it! And now I know for next time. Appreciate you as always, Manton!

Hey there - I’m having a similar issue persisting for several months now. Automatically cross-posting to Mastodon but not Bsky. I haven’t made changes to anything but design. Ideas?

Similar issue here? Cross-posting works but not automatically. It’s supposed to be automatic, yes? I’m not posting to, just using it to cross-post to Mastodon and Bluesky.

Bumping here.

Thanks for the bump. It is supposed to be automattic, yes. I haven’t seen any problems like this myself. If you have a minute, can you paste in an example blog post that cross-posted to Mastodon but not Bluesky?

Also, we noticed a problem recently where authentication with Bluesky need to be refreshed. Usually this happens automatically, but something may have changed on the Bluesky side. In that case, you would need to go back to the Edit Sources page, disable Bluesky, enable it again.

If there is any error with cross-posting, it is logged in Account → View logs. The errors don’t usually bubble up into the top of the interface so you currently will need to go look to see if there were problems.

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I’m also having problems with bluesky cross posting: the posts appear, but they are always accompanied by a link to my blog rather than any link that appears in the post. (As when long posts are shortened.)

Update: the same behaviour happens with the new beta Threads cross-posting.

Possibly relevant: mine is an old cross-posting only account.