Linking Wordpress to M.B for noob

Hello, I use to have a hosted site on m.b but now I have to set up own Wordpress up. Im really not sure what I am trying to ask or meant to be asking but is there a way to have separate page on WP for the short posts here? I don’t want to clog up this with my long rambling posts, and like wise I don’t want WP to necassirly see all the short posts and replies I make here. I have looked at help and attempted to assign a tag number but I am a bit out of my depth… any pointers would be appricated

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Hi Tom,

Sorry no one has had tips to offer yet. I don’t use Wordpress myself, but I am pretty sure there are folks out there who are doing what you want to do. If you post a short query on, I’ll make sure it gets included in the Discover feed where more people will see it.

Thank you Jean. I will try that I wasn’t sure if I should clog up the feed with tech question. So I’ll give a go on Br Tom

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I think it is fine either on the timeline or here in the Help Center. It depends on who is active where at a given time. I’ve seen folks get help for tech stuff from the community over on the timeline many times. I saw your post, and added it to Discover, but I would suggest it would work better with a more explicit title (“A few questions about WP integration”), or a title-less micro post, even if it gets truncated. If someone already knows a bit about WP integration (your target reader), they might not click through on the Discover timeline because they could assume it’s a post on HOW to do WP integration, not a question about it.

Thank you Jean. I have tried a new short post and tried to be descriptive in it.So lets seen if the internet gods smile on me in the last couple of days before the end of free tryout.

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Hey @tomc!

So, let’s break this one up in steps. :blush: My understanding is that you have a WordPress blog and want some of the posts there showing up on your timeline? If that’s the case, you need a way to distinguish those posts from the rest. An excellent way to do that is using categories or tags in WordPress.

I don’t know too much about your blog so let’s just pretend it’s over at And you’re posting comics there using the category comics. Then, all those comic posts should be available via RSS at this URL:

Add that RSS feed to your account by navigating to Edit Feeds & Cross-posting

Your comic posts should start appearing on your timeline after that.

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