Link for Transcripts of podcasts

I posted a short podcast to my site that you can find below.

On the page, you can see that has placed a link to the transcript.

This goes to which doesn’t exist.

<p><a href="/transcripts/2023/06/03/161.html" class="transcript_link">Transcript</a></p>

I have a theme that checks to see if there is a transcript and places text and a link to it.

<p>Transcript is here: <a href="/transcripts/2023/06/02/161.html" title="Transcript to audio.">click here</a></p>

It just looks like it’s pointing to the wrong date. I’ll remove the code that I put in after this has been resolved.

{{ if .Params.transcript -}}
<p>Transcript is here: <a href="{{ .Params.transcript }}" title="Transcript to audio.">click here</a></p>
{{ end }}

Thanks for catching this. There was a timezone issue with the transcript link. The fix for this will roll out tomorrow.

That’s good to hear.

Should I remove the code from my theme?

This fix has been deployed so should be safe to remove the extra link in your theme now!

Hey @manton, loosely related: I noticed (maybe) another potential issue with the links in a podcast description. A relative link is used in the feeds (XML/JSON), and a third-party podcast app like Overcast shows that description but the link doesn’t work. I guess an absolute link is needed to work in third-party players.

What do you think? Should this be fixed manually with a custom theme? Thanks!

What is creating the link? I always recommend using full URLs, and does that by default whenever it’s linking to something like an image. Let me know if I’m misunderstanding.

Oh, sorry! I’m following you now. It’s the link to the transcript. I’ll fix this in so that it creates full URLs from now on. (After the change is deployed, probably later today.)