ℹ️ Libby syncing

Libby is an app and service for libraries, to help you check out e-books and audiobooks from your local library. Using Libby just requires a library card, available for free at many public libraries all over the world.

Micro.blog can connect with your Libby account. When you sign in with Libby, Micro.blog will pull in your library loans and holds into special bookshelves in Micro.blog and Epilogue: “Library loans” and “Library holds”. These bookshelves will be updated about once an hour.

You can rename the special bookshelves and they will retain the connection to Libby. You can also copy books from Libby into your other bookshelves such as “Want to read” or “Finished reading”.

To sign in with Libby, on the web go to Bookshelves → “…” → Import.

Libby does not have an official API, so this feature in Micro.blog is still considered experimental. It may need to change in the future if Libby changes their infrastructure.