Libby bookshelf synch not working?

Anybody else noticed that their “Library Loans” and “Library Holds” bookshelves are no longer updating? I’m just noticing it but it looks like it has been several weeks since the last synch. I tried signing in again (using the code from the Libby app) but it does not seem to have made any difference.

I can confirm this is no longer working. Libby does not have an official API, so we had to sort of reverse-engineer how it works, so there was a risk it would be fragile… That appears to have happened with a change to their API. I’ll fix it if it’s technically possible, otherwise we’ll have to remove the feature until they have a supported way to access the data.

After some more testing with my account, after I sign in with Libby again it does successfully pull in the library loans. I need to do some more testing to understand if this will keep working or start failing again later.