ℹ️ Keyboard shortcuts

Micro.blog for the web:

There are a few keyboard shortcuts in the web version of Micro.blog:

  • ⌘-return: publish a new post you are writing
  • ⌘-B: make the selected text bold
  • ⌘-I: make the selected text italics
  • ⌘-K: make the selected text a link in a new post

On Windows, use the control key instead of the command key.


For Micro.blog for macOS, the keyboard shortcuts are visible in the menus. You can also add your own keyboard shortcuts for commands you may use often which don’t have a default keyboard shortcut, for example to commands in the View menu like showing categories or cross-posting options.

To add a keyboard shortcut, open System Settings → Keyboard → Keyboard Shortcuts → App Shortcuts.