JSON API: Markers

Syncing the last-read position.

Set marker position

Save the last-read position to Micro.blog so that when resuming reading the timeline on another device, that device can automatically scroll to the last post that was read.

POST /posts/markers
Authorization: Bearer 123456789

With parameters:

  • channel: “timeline”, “mentions”, “discover”, etc.
  • id: the post ID
  • date_marked: date/time for when the client saved this data

Get marker position

The /posts/check API call can be queried occasionally to check whether there are new posts. It also includes the marker positions for each channel.

GET /posts/check
Authorization: Bearer 123456789
 "count": 1,
 "check_seconds": 120,
 "markers": {
   "timeline": {
     "id": "12345",

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