JSON API, is there a better way of getting profile bio & pronouns?

Hi again!

So I’m working on making a page like the following page on the Micro.blog web app. Like the one at https://micro.blog/username/following which has the list of users you follow and their bio/pronouns.

So I’m able to call the JSON API to get the following list but I need to iterate through the list calling the /posts/username endpoint to get the bio/pronouns which isn’t ideal. I couldn’t find a way to paginate the /users/following/ and people can follow a large number of users. Is there something I’m missing? A better way to approach this?


Hello! :wave: Sounds like an interesting project. I’m afraid the JSON API is what we have available right now. So, I don’t think you’re missing anything; looping through the list is the only way. But maybe, if we ask nicely, @manton will consider adding the about me text and pronouns to the JSON output?