JSON API - get subscriber status and/or feature access?

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So I’ve been building out tag functionality on bookmarks on my web client. Since tags are a premium user feature I wanted to hide it if a user didn’t have access. Is there any endpoint that returns either the subscriber status (free, basic, premium) or one that has the features an account can access? I didn’t see any in the documentation so I have a feeling there isn’t. But I figured I’d ask anyway.


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I’m going to add a better way to get the subscriber status this week. We’ve needed it for a while. In the meantime, there is a way: if you request /micropub?q=config, look at the destination field and if any of the defined blogs have microblog-audio set to true, then it’s a Micro.blog Premium account.

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There is now an is_premium field returned from /account/verify. If you have a token, you can pass it to this endpoint to get some information about the user and check that the token is valid.

Awesome! That’s super helpful. Thank you :grin: