Jekyll import slow or not working?

I’m trying to import around 300 Jekyll posts into

I initially tried importing via XML, but after 4 hours nothing appeared to have been imported, so I then tried to import from Markdown files (zipped folder was about 500kb). It’s now another 4 hours and still no posts have shown up.

The log shows only 2 entries relating to the import attempts, although the XML attempt is shown about 3 hours after I actually did it.:-

2023-03-20 10:01:40: Import: angeidhealur,

2023-03-20 09:38:19: WordPress: Processing WXR for site angeidhealur

Is importing normally slow, or is something wrong?

It shouldn’t take that long. I have a feeling something went wrong with processing one of the posts. can be picky about the format. Do you mind emailing some of your posts to and I can see what might be going wrong?

Hi @manton. No problem, I’ve emailed the XML file and the .md files.