It's time; but where is my newsletter? (still an issue)

I have newsletters turned on weekly on Saturday. It seems the newsletter is sent out around 9:00 AM.

  • I don’t seem to have control over the time the newsletter is sent. Am I bound to 09:00 AM ? Is there any way to change the time?
  • There’s no newsletter for me to look at. In the newsletter section, it says “No newsletters scheduled,” even though it’s 08:25 right now, and the newsletter will be sent around 09:00. I do have “Schedule newsletters to send after:” configured to 1 hour in the settings. Am I missing something?

Last week I missed my chance to send add an introduction to the newsletter. I would like to be able to do that. Is it possible to add the introduction part, even when there’s no newsletter yet?

In other words: the newsletter is created “last minute” (more or less) to ensure everything is captured, which makes sense. However, if we can write the introduction ahead of time, this could be useful. It will be added to the newsletter when it’s ready to be sent out. Possible?

I can answer the first two:

  • There is currently no way to adjust the default time. This is what the “delayed schedule” feature is for.
  • That delay of 1 hour means that it will be sent 1 hour after the newsletter is generated. You should also get a preview of the newsletter sent as soon as it is generated.

By “generated” I mean when the newsletter appears in settings, ahead of being sent.

The third one is possible, I think, however it does mean editing the template of the newsletter instead of just filling in an empty box as you do with the footer. From the email newsletter template doc:

The template uses a syntax with {{ }} for inserting values into the email, similar to the syntax used in Hugo for publishing your blog. For example, to add the intro text for a newsletter, the HTML would look like this:

{{ .Intro }}

I assume this means you look for “.Intro” in the template and add whatever you want for an intro after that. This is a guess, though, so you’d have to check by using the “send preview” feature on a generated issue; you can do this on previously sent issues but I’m not sure exactly how accurate that preview is compared to new issues.

Thanks @simonwoods this helps.

I do see {{.Intro}} in the default templates. I assume I can edit this section to add an intro, but I’ll need to do this every week, since this is static and will just save the last state of the template (so, if I don’t update it one week, it will create the newsletter with last week’s intro). I will play with that.

It seems to me though that the idea is to get the chance to edit the newsletter an hour before it sent out (in my case anyway, where I chose one hour) but this is not the case. I only get to see the newsletter after it was already sent out, which is too late. Not sure why.

Here are two screenshots explaining the problem.

I get the email notification, that a newsletter is going to be generated, and I have 30 minutes to edit it (I believe it should say an hour in my case). You can see the I received it at 09:00 AM:

And here is the generated newsletter, which was sent out at 09:00 AM. So I didn’t get a chance to edit the newsletter; not an hour and not half an hour:

This is the main problem, I believe it’s not working as intended, I wonder why.

Yep you’re right, the template edit would be for any permanent elements of an intro.

In the settings it should be like this — mine is set to 3 hours, so swap “3” for “1” — and then work accordingly:


I think what’s happening with yours is a bug, since in my archive it does say “created at 9am” and I did not receive the full version until 3 hours later.

Are you following your newsletter with a separate email address? That way you can verify exactly when the full version is going out.

I just want to keep this alive because this is still a problem.

I changed my “Schedule newsletters to send after” to 3 hours, and I still get the email asking me to make changes to the newsletter AFTER it was already sent.