Issues with Video uploads

I’m trying to upload a video and seeing some issues. Just curious if these are known issues…

Firstly I tried to upload quite a large (though short) video in the macOS app and it just failed with a generic error. I tried the same file in the Upload section on the web, and it seems to sit making no progress forever. I think about 10 pixels worth of the progress bar were immediately filled in, but it never moved again.

I read the help section here to see that it should be 45 MB, so I did a bunch of trimming and compressing to get the video below that threshold. After that the upload succeeded on the web, however, it uploaded two items: the video poster frame as a photo, and the video, but the video is showing a placeholder and there is no “Copy HTML” button to copy the appropriate video tag.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks. :slight_smile: